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Motivation and focus

Providing an outsource facility to business owners, focusing on retaining, informing, and achieving new business. In turn providing our clients with the point of difference that outshines their competition.


Motivate business owners to use the Maximise outsourcing services as a division of their company. Through sheer performance and results, Maximise becomes the obvious option for their business.

ATTITUDE is everything

The bulk of our services are person to person contact, which is becoming a rare commodity in all business sectors today. Clients receiving a seasonal email or text advising you are open for business is far too common and gets overlooked pretty much as soon as it is received. A customer receiving a phone call from your business advising of new products and services, backed up with an email and a text message, this will be received and remembered by your customer for some time.

We can be as strategic as you would like in implementing a plan of action, we are aware not all businesses are the same, but working with you we believe we will meet your level of expectations.

The attractiveness of Maximise to small to medium business is you have the services of sales professionals without any of the hiring of additional staff. This eliminates a permanent salary, holiday pay, sick pay, Kiwi Saver employment disputes, underperforming sales staff.


We work to an agreed plan with you, with regular meetings to discuss progress and where necessary making changes for you to benefit from us being involved with your company.


We are a company which focuses on promoting companies to their markets, to an extent that they will shine brightly amongst their competitors, as the company to do business with.

Prioritizing each companies Customer Service & Sales divisions, we work closely with you to ensure your customers receive exceptional attention and service.  Feedback is relayed to your business to react to customers needs and demands in a prompt and professional manner.

Our staff have been involved in Sales and Customer Servicing with many companies throughout numerous industries. Companies that have benefited from our expertise have a common denominator, understanding customers appreciate personal contact with businesses. The more person to person contact a customer has the more a relationship is formed by the two parties. Stronger relationships lead to repeat business, referred business and additional sales and critical market feedback from actively Customer Servicing. Where we have applied this in companies, they have reaped the support from the market.

Outsourcing our services to companies, where they are unable to have full time staff to carry out effective Customer Servicing and Sales. We offer Customer Service/ Sales contact where we contact your clients advising of new products/ services, feedback on service and products, updating of client’s details to assure currency of information for future contact.

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