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There are an endless number of topics to cover in the area of sales and marketing. Within this section of our website we will cover some of these topics and give you our personal opinion on topics as diverse as cold calling and the importance of not being tardy.

Why websites often fail to live up to expectations
Getting a website online and indexed by some search engines does not guarantee its success. You may have experienced some disappointments with your site or had friends or colleagues complain about theirs. Perhaps you're even struggling right now with an under performing website, and wondering what went wrong.


Communication within your company - By Paul Richardson
The importance of effective communication and relationship building with key personnel.

First Impressions - By Paul Richardson
The importance of making a good first impression as a sales consultant.

Sales Incentives - By Paul Richardson
How important is it to motivate your sales force to go beyond the call of duty and give your company real growth at the end of every year?

The Customer is always Right - By Paul Richardson

Closing the Sale - By Paul Richardson
Getting a client to say yes happens many times during the selling process.

Selling at Christmas - By Paul Richardson
Is Christmas a good time to call on your clients?

Going the Extra Mile - By Paul Richardson
Going out of your way to help a client with an unrelated issue can have its rewards.

Being On Time - By Paul Richardson
The importance of being on time for your appointments can not be overstated.

Dealing with the Decision Maker - By Paul Richardson
Make sure your dealing with the real decision maker or else your efforts will all be in vain.

Cold Calling - By Paul Richardson
Still an extremely effective selling method.

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