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Strategy - Research - Management - Execution.
We're your total sales solution, and we're here to bring you qualified opportunities on a silver platter! 

Our experienced and motivated team effectively serve as the extended sales and marketing departments for your company. Gaining new customers, cross promoting services and products, resulting in a increase spend of clients. 

The experience that our team can offer your business provides a high degree of professionalism in contacting your clients. Forearmed with excellent communication skills, clients will receive a friendly non threatening contact relaying the message you are wanting to convey. 

We have found this approach generates increased purchasing from clients and a positive increase in business with referral purchases.

Planned promotions with your business, we review historical trends and work closely with you to formulate a strategy that attentions.

Results Driven

As a business owner, you don't have time or money to waste on guesswork or unproven ideas.

Our systems are results driven. Our results will speak for themselves, consistently.

Maximise NZ Ltd Sales & Marketing Strategy & Implementation
Next steps to achieving results

We carry out a fact finding exercise with you on where the company is currently and where it wants to be. 

Included in the fact finding we discuss with you your expectations you have with a plan agreed on to make significant changes to your company. 

A variety of options will be discussed with you as we work with companies from all sectors and there are numerous plans to customize actions for these sectors. 

Time frames of engagement are discussed dependent on plan of action for companies. Plans can be multi faceted, from customer service, targeted product promotions and more.

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