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Customer service / sales services are one of the fundamentals for small to medium size businesses. They are one of the most common parts to a business which gets neglected.

With outsourcing these main components to your business, it allows for professionally trained people to assist and improve the sales effort without you having to train and manage your staff. 

Our sales team assists with sales, assisting in meeting needed sales targets. In utilizing our team with sales leads from new sales, can assist with sales staff also making expected quotas and exceeding expected results. 

Your companies needs can change regularly, having a professional team that can accommodate and prosper in any environment can be a major positive to a company. Seasonal sales, promotion time frames and growth of the company, make sales outsourcing an excellent option. 

Not having to hire staff to meet changes your company experiences. No contracts or hidden costs, there is low risk for companies when utilizing customer service /sales outsourcing. Contact with customers and leads being followed up by us, this leaves your employed sales team to closing sales. Our team at Maximise NZ has training to maximise results for our customers. 

Competitive edge is wanted by all business, outsourced customer service/sales teams have many years of experience and use this experience to propel your business to the top of its field. The knowledge can help you uncover new markets, a faster and agile team will give your company an edge over your competitors. 

The cost of using Maximise, varies depending on the company, as each one has an individual set of requirements and goals. We offer a complimentary, no obligation initial consultation to assess how best we can assist you.

Sales Outsourcing
How do we increase your customer satisfaction?


At Maximise we provide flexible and scalable retail customer support for all businesses. We introduce technology with our highly motivated team to assist business owners drive company branding and services to your customers.

We work with you to establish the products you wish to move and when, providing your staff with accurate information on your customers, so that any contact staff have with customers optimizes their chances of sales. 

When you outsource your sales requirements to Maximise NZ you can be confident that you will have professionals representing your company.

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