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sales senarios

We have provided the following sales scenarios to help illustrate how we can benefit firms like yours. These are  firms that we have completed work for and their needs are common to many companies.

John >>

John ran a very successful arborist business, employing six staff. Being a seasonal business John had regular business from his customer base of 700. Seasonal demands for a variety of services John provided meant that John and his staff were out on the jobs all of the time.

When John was running low on bookings from customers, he would have to take half his field staff from jobs to spend time in the office contacting customers and booking further jobs. Working with Maximise would ensure regular contact with his clients and update his future work sheets, so that John could focus on growing his business.

Simon >>

Simon is a successful insurance adviser, he has been in the profession for the past 15 years. He has a CRM system which lists a client base in excess of 2000 clients. Simon’s new business and client servicing is getting increasingly harder to keep on top of. Simon is hesitant on employing new staff due to the ongoing overheads in taking this step. New requirements for advisers are that advisers need to be aware of their clients’ circumstances, so that they can justify the coverage each one carries. Birthday emails to each client and promotional emails just aren’t meeting the new criteria.


The threat of being audited where Simon needs to demonstrate a regular contract with his clients, this is not being met. Outsourcing customer servicing to Maximise, will allow Simon to have assistance with his business without having to hire staff. His records per client can be updated, feedback from Maximises contact with each client will alert him to action needed to keep the client up to date. Previous meeting with Maximise with a clear strategy allows Simon to keep his records up to date and current notification of business from his clients.

Grant >>

Grant runs a printing company, staff of 3. The company has been running for the past 20 years. Grant has a customer base of 500, which he spasmodically sends out promotional emails, with unknown success to these emails. Previously Grant has run advertisements in local papers and not seen any additional business. Grant has just purchased new machinery and wants to attract new clients to his business. He and his staff are busy filling orders to put any attention on the currency of his customer records. Grant wants a personal touch to his next promotion but doesn’t have the staff to contact his customer data base.

Meeting with Maximise, Grant was able to set out the promotion for all customers to be contacted by phone, new services of his businesses to be promoted to them, as well as all customers to be updated on the data base and new customers gained.

Jeff >>

Jeff ran a fresh produce business for the past 20 years. I was an extremely competitive industry, one which was reliant on strong relationships between the business and customers to gain daily orders. Focus on the business was on purchasing quality produce to promote to restaurants and making sure staff were getting orders correct for delivery. Wrong orders and shoddy product would mean cancelled business. Jeff needed constant contact with his customers to limit loss of business but isn’t in a position to hire further staff.


Using Maximise as an option Jeff can have his customers contacted daily, his current CRM system updated and maintained, daily specials promoted, and orders taken.  Working with Maximise, strategies can be put in place offering Jeff far more exposure to clients and additional sales.

Catherine >>

Catherine has owned a web design company for the past 6 years. The company is reliant on new business and residual revenue from existing customers. Staffing is heavily weighted to technical staff maintaining clients needs. Being a very competitive industry there is a need to keep her company in front of customers and new clients. Budget restrictions for Catherine’s company don’t allow her to hire staff who can service the customers needs to the level she would like and make her company stand out from competitors. Catherine does have CRM software, but because of production deadlines has little time to keep current and use to discuss services with her customers.


Maximise would discuss a timetable of when Catherine would like her customers contacted and promoted to, how often throughout the year she would like this done. How she would like the customers to be contacted, by phone, text, or email. Whether Catherine would like to use Maximises services to telemarket her company to gain new business?

Are our services right for your business?


Every business is different and require a unique strategy to enhance their customer service and grow. Could this be you?

Imagine some of these scenarios highlighted above and see if they fit your situation...then picture how our full range of services and strategies offered by Maximise NZ could benefit your business. 

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