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Maximise NZ Ltd for expert Customer Service stategies

We provide a comprehensive sales outsourcing service. Whether on a long term basis or just to kick start a product launch we are able to deliver a sales solution specific to your business requirements.

As your representative we will be customer focused and ask all the right questions, finding out about your buyer's requirements, what their budgets are, what drives the decision making process, and we will work out any internal issues that might complicate the process.

At Maximise we don't just come up with ideas or 'consult' on how you should sell or market your products or services. We get out and sell them!

We pick up the phone and make the calls that need to be made. Arrange the meetings and deliver the sales presentation. We will then offer your solution, focusing on how your product or service will solve their problem. We will state your unique selling position, your competitive advantages, and provide evidence to back up our claims. We will then negotiate and finalise the sale.

Why Outsource Sales?

When you outsource your sales requirements to Maximise NZ you can be confident that you will have professionals representing your company. There are also many financial and practical benefits to outsourcing.

They include:

  • The relationship is contractual not one of an employer / employee

  • You can cancel the contract with 4 weeks notice

  • No employment law issues or disputes over non-performing staff

  • No vehicle running costs and insurance

  • No sick leave, holiday pay, or maternity leave to pay

You get a professional 'results orientated' sales professional representing your product or service. The only training required is providing the information on existing products and services or new products/services, your competitors, and a history of your company. This information will be sourced from you during several meetings.

Sales outsourcing
Why Customer Service is essential for your business?


It doesn’t matter how great your product or service is, if your customer service is poor to nonexistent, people will complain, and you will lose business.

We have a team which can professionally answer customer questions through, phone, email, and social media interactions.

Studies have shown that 86% of customers stop doing business with a company due to poor customer servicing. This means every business should approach every support contact to a customer as an opportunity to acquire, retain or upsell.

Quality customer service is a proven money generator. It offers customers a complete window to your business showing how each sector functions efficiently to offer a high-quality product or service.

The cornerstone of every successful business is a high-quality customer experience, this opens the door for new opportunities and satisfies the customer need for return business in the future. Personalized communication greatly improves customer relationships with your business and signals to your customer that your, competent, accessible,
and proactive in retaining their business.

Qualities we can offer when working with your customers –


  1. We will anticipate the needs of your customer while attending to their query.

  2. Patience is a virtue, we are aware that customers that are contacted need to be handled in a manner that they appreciate the contact and that your company stands out to them compared to your competitors.

  3. We listen to your customers feedback and re assure them the comments they offer, will be delivered to the correct department for their feedback to be acted upon.

  4. Our team act professionally at all times and know how to relate to a wide sector of business. We do not take things personally and listening to a frustrated customer, can extend empathy to act on specific issues quickly and effectively.

  5. Communicating clearly with a customer we see as a key skill, eliminating miscommunication, which can result in disappointment and frustration. We pride ourselves on keeping communication with customers simple and leaving nothing in doubt.

  6. Our team are experienced in solving problems and will promote to your customers options which work to satisfy their need in continuing to do business with you.

  7. Time management is an important factor when customer servicing. We are aware some customers want to take up all of your time, our team supports your customers in an efficient and effective manner.

Customer Service
Marketing material

Good looking and professional sales material establishes credibility and can help clinch a sale. In contrast, poor marketing material has often been the cause for losing sales. Clients just don't feel confident doing business with companies that don't care enough to present their information professionally.

As sales professionals, we know what it takes to sell, so it makes sense to use experts in selling to help you prepare your sales collateral.

We can assist companies who have no current sales literature or commercial presence on the web or who need to create a whole sales department.

Don't take a risk with your marketing materials!
You could be losing sales right now and not even know it.

Our marketing services are sales-driven and can accelerate the sales process and increase a prospect's understanding and confidence in your product or service.


Making the investment in sales training and coaching will deliver a return on your investment and contribute significantly to business growth and profitability.

At Maximise we can provide a comprehensive sales coaching and training service customised to your requirements. Sales training can be group based or one-on-one with each member of your sales team.

We have developed a set of training protocols that can be applied to most firms. Our sales training and coaching is available as a modular service and full documentation and reading material is provided.

Sales training sessions cover areas such as:

  • Prospecting

  • Lead Generation

  • Cold Calling

  • Door to Door Selling

  • Dealing with Rejection

  • Getting around the Gatekeepers

  • Tried & True Selling Methods

  • Closing the Sale

ATTITUDE is everything

Telemarketing is another important service we offer companies, although it is often underappreciated because of the reputation it has gained. We believe it is time for this to be changed, as telemarketing can greatly help increase revenue for your company. It is an efficient method to add more significant business contacts and is one of the most effective marketing tools.

It works for companies regardless of their size. It creates a wide range of options for your target market and an effective method of gaining new customers and keeping them updated.

You can see your brand develop as telemarketing gives you an option to build marketing strategies and initiatives. It puts you ahead of your competitors and allows for you to see what sets you aside and strengthens your brand with your customers.

Another great benefit by telemarketing is that you can reach far more customers geographically. Being able to sell to customers that are not in the same locality can increase your sales territory and reach more prospects. This is a significant advantage for your company to get more potential business opportunities.

Telemarketing provides your company to get insight on how interested your customers are with your product /services. Telemarketing allows you to maintain an up-to-date and effective data base. This allows you to identify some patterns, which can reduce your operational costs and gain more sales.

Telemarketing can assist companies that operate a sales force, where appointment setting can speed up sales conversion and get your salespeople in front of your customers and prospects far more effectively than traditional methods.

Maximise NZ Ltd for expert Telemarketing services
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