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Read what some of our clients have to say about the results achieved by Maximise NZ for their businesses.

" Paul from Maximise approached us about doing outsourced sales/marketing for Container Waste. It was perfect timing as we were expanding our offering in the market and looking for a sales solution. Paul went to work and began sourcing new customers for us with instant success. He has been brilliant to work with, great communicator and has delivered results that have exceeded our expectations"

Darryn Harris

Container Waste

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"Maximise were responsible for representing and promoting Brookers throughout the South Island. They continually kept abreast of new products adapting very well to the change in focus from paper based products to electronic and to the widening of our market base beyond the Legal industry. "


"Maximise worked with us in the field of IT and software sales for 9 months, during that time Paul has shown himself to be a highly professional salesman who delivers results. Maximise has added considerable value to MBS by bringing on new high value clients and we look forward to retaining their services in the future. "

Richard Williams
Sales Director
Micro Business Systems

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your high performance and outstanding results. I freely admit that I was someone skeptical in your confidence to deliver results when I engaged your company's services, as our field is somewhat specialised.

I will go as far as saying that not only did you exceed my maximum expectations with regards to high volume unit sales, but you proved vastly more cost effective compared to the hiring of a full time sales force. (Which is what we have done for the last four years).

I will not hesitate to engage you on our next project that is anticipated to require your services. Once again, I thank you for your professional approach and what I call outstanding results in such a short time frame.

Yours sincerely

Tony McIntyre
General Manager
Real World Group of Companies

"I hired Maximise NZ to approach specific business sectors that were not being serviced by my own sales team. The results achieved by them in a three week period were outstanding, with new business generated. They totally exceeded my expectations and introduced quality businesses to my company. I would have no hesitation in using Maximise again."

Karen Wilson
Managing Director
Innovative Media Ltd

Stumblin' Buffalo Productions

We turned to Paul to help us launch a product targeted at the hospitality industry. As a new business, we were hesitant to hire a sales force in house, and determined that outsourced sales made far more sense as a first step. We made the right decision. Thanks to its results-oriented approach, He gave us good value for money and allowed us to "get off the ground" without having to ensnare ourselves with the legal obligations of hiring new staff.

Maximise NZ (formerly Total Sales Partners) is aptly named; the package they provided was indeed "total". In addition to procuring accounts for our new business, They also generated useful ideas about marketing, advised us of potential client pools well outside the range we had initially envisioned and identified competition which our own market research had failed to uncover. In providing us with full details about this newly discovered competition, They empowered us to make adjustments to our product that have made us far more competitive in the marketplace.

The team provided vital services at a critical stage in the development of our business. Our experience suggests that if you require a 'creative, enthusiastic and determined sales force' but do not wish to invest the time and money in hiring and training, Maximise is the answer.

Stumblin' Buffalo Productions
Christchurch, NZ

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